Monday, August 30, 2010

To a marvellous teacher

This comes straight from the heart to acknowledge the man who was an inspiration for my grandmother and my family. The man is Dr. R.K. Sinha the well-known Professor of English. My grandmother, his younger sister was so influenced by him that she wanted her daughters to study English literature and become teachers of English. Not only was she successful in her endeavor, she rubbed this onto me and I grew up in the shadow of a living legend: a man possessing great knowledge, a man who was sought for his academic skills by one and all. After my graduation, I was taken to meet the great man and I must say I was awe-struck. For a person in his 70s, his mind was sharp and the shine in his eyes was mesmerizing. What struck me the most was the books lying on the bed reflecting the intensity of his reading.

Born in a small town Munger,
Blessed by the almighty with brains,
He traveled across the seas,
To create new highs and fulfill dreams.
Armed with degrees from Patna University,
He sought the shores of Oxford University,
To work with Lord David Cecil for his D.Phil.
On a man equally charming, the great DHL.
The return from Oxford University
Brought him to Patna University
and to the Department of English
Which was as glorious as the British.
Depth of knowledge and teaching ability
In him abound along with deep sincerity
And are reasons for the respect
And gratitude heart felt.

This is my humble effort,
To praise a man so great,
Whom the world knows as R.K.Sinha
And some fondly address as Radha Babu!

Fans Love yoU!

A nice, bright, sunny Sunday morning.... I couldn't wish for anything better than that when I have to wash the week's collection of dirty clothes and wish to dry them in the sun. I had a nice cup of tea with the morning paper and there came the unexpected visitor happily knocking at the door reminding me of the Porter scene in 'Macbeth'. One look at the visitor and I knew that the day is ruined. No other reason but the fact that this visitor would bring in two more and the day would be gone making and serving tea and washing the cups and the pan.
And this process wouldn't end even after the departure of the visitor. The visitors may leave physically but there presence will be felt by one and all. And if you are still wondering who these visitors are here's the answer. The first one to enter was cold with a bout of sneezing and when I sneeze the whole house rocks! This was followed by headache and fever and the cups of tea kept flowing. And this is the most irritating FLU!