Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Dad's Dilemma

He strolled for minutes ..nah it seemed hours..before he could hear the cries from the operation theater and the nurse came out to inform him that he had been blessed with a daughter. At that moment gushed in feelings of various kinds: love, pride, protection and so on. he was a father now. There was someone who would call him 'papa' or 'dad'.

No one knows how time passed and the little bundle of joy started growing and reacting to his voice and kisses. Though men claim to be macho and strong but like women they too have a profound weakness. Women love the dark mane on their head but the men love the shorter version on their faces. Our new dad started thinking whether his lovely mustache of which he is as fond as Poirot was of his, was hurting his child and then knocked this thought on the doors of his mind: to keep it or not to keep it.

A Hamlet-like dilemma gripped him and he spent nights wondering what should be done. One fine day he decided that the mustache would stay in place but the beard should go. Later when he came to meet his daughter (minus the beard), the child just stared at him as if trying to recognize him. This was something he hadn't anticipated and so both the mustache and the beard (only for short spells) stay where they ought to be and one can hope the child doesn't ask her mother later,"Mom, how could you marry someone with a mustache and a beard?"