Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Lost Mind

Year: 2009 - Place: Toronto, Canada - Job: Business Entrepreneur. Very vague labels for a 44 year old Indian who back home would have had many other identity markers like caste and family history. True, Deepak's fore-fathers traced their ancestry way back to the 15th century. He had heard numerous stories from his mother and grand mother about the various estates and princes who had ruled them and had engrained a sense of belongingness through these stories. But these were just stories like any other story.

The reality was completely different. He saw his father work for bread and butter; his mother not only managed the household but also worked to manage the finances and give the children a comfortable and good life. Inspired by his parents and grandparents, Deepak worked hard and sincerely to graduate with a degree in Management from one of the top colleges in India. He worked in various firms and after several years of experiences started a firm of his own. Luckily things worked in his favour and his business grew and today he was one of the popular names among young businessmen in the world.

Inspite of his success there was a feeling of emptiness in him. There was a desire to go back to his roots and do something for the people who belonged to his native place: a place where his fore-fathers had once ruled. after a lot of soul searching, Deepak decided to delegate the affairs of his firm to the young, capable professionals he had hired and decided to return 'Home'.

Year 2010, Place: Rampur, India.
Deepak lands bag and baggage to fulfil his dreams for his village Rampur, where he has a lot of landed property managed by his uncles. His parents have retired from service and are settled in Rampur. he gets a warm welcome form all and the first few days pass in love and harmony. deepak shares his plans with his father and uncles; the plans get appreciative nods but when the time for implementation comes, people start wavering. Various issues crop up and weeks pass without any affirmative action. Neither his father nor his uncles are willing to give him any say in matters related to ancestral property and finally his father says,"son, you are well-settled in Canada. You have a good business running there and your wife and kids are doing well. Why have you come to this place and are wasting your time?" Deepak was shocked at his father's words. He had planned to work and reinstate the former glory of his fore-fathers but none wished the same.

Year: 2011, Place: Toronto, Canada
Futile debates and discussions, verbal bouts and heated arguments - nothing worked and finally Deepak returned to Canada and today he sits at his computer and creates numerous profiles on his facebook and plays cityville and farmville dreaming his unfulfilled dreams!

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