Monday, April 9, 2012

Calling Toll free?

We are surrounded with Toll Free numbers. all service providers have one be it the banks, cell phone companies, online shopping forums etc. We, as customers feel happy that we'll get quick assistance in case of difficulties or confusions and our grievances will be easily redressed.
Well calling on these numbers may be free of charge but we forget that our time is charged. And I had to face this problem last week. I called the toll free number of a public sector bank. After choosing numerous options and giving all kinds of details, I get to choose the option to speak to a customer care agent. I chose that option and then comes the message: All our customer care agents are busy. Your call will be attended in 38 minutes 40 seconds. I was shocked and couldn't believe my ears. My husband too thought I had made a mistake and asked me to put the phone in speaker mode. When the same message was repeated, we realized my ears were working properly. I was aghast. I didn't want to disconnect and go through the whole process again.
The phone was left in the speaker mode and we decided to do our work. After 5 minutes came the same message but now the waiting time was 28 minutes. I was happy thinking that finally things seemed to be moving. Suddenly my daughter was hungry. The waiting time was still 28 minutes. I happily fed her. Even her nappy was changed. all this took 15 minutes but the waiting time was still 28 minutes.
Then comes the maid. I explain the things that she has to do. The waiting time now changes to 21 minutes. and on goes the process till it's 1 minute 6 seconds. And this waiting time continues for the next 10-12 minutes. Luckily the call didn't get disconnected at any point. Finally I get a human voice to speak to. and thankfully it was a sane person who solved my problem easily.
After completing the call, I took a look at the call duration: It showed more than an hour!
Ah..toll free numbers...there is no money involved but the time costs are something we forget to mention!

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gauher said...

looking at the rosy side or not so rosy side.......we'll never be satisfied!