Friday, September 21, 2012

Who am I?

WHO AM I? This is one of the most important and weirdest question that comes up daily. I have a passport and  a voters' id and numerous documents which list the names of my parents, husband, my address, occupation and other necessary details. But is that what I am?

I have been thinking on these lines since my visit to the Passport Seva Kendra, Patna yesterday. When I was sent to meet an official, I found the entire place excited and no one was at his/her desk. Upon asking I was informed that they had 'caught' a TERRORIST.

Wow, a terrorist! I was pretty excited. Further questioning brought forth the following information: The TERRORIST was a BANGLADESHI. This information was interpreted by the guards and other staff as: ALL BANGLADESHIS are TERRORISTS!

Who will now reason with people who have such a line of thought? When I told that guard that he shouldn't club all BANGLADESHIS as terrorists, he said," Madam, he didn't have any id." My point is why would a  terrorist come to get a passport and that too at the passport sewa kendra. He would already have got one made by underhand means. Secondly, there are so many people on the streets who have no id proof telling us that they are Indian citizens. Should we class them as 'TERRORISTS'?

We love this word so much that we use it unnecessarily and create further chasms in society at large. I hope we seriously understand who's who before LABELLING people! 

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